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On the 5th Jan 2019, my 59th birthday, I finished the Tilgate Park run in a little over 24 minutes. So what, you may well ask?

Ten weeks earlier, before visiting Doug, I had severe pain in my lower back and hip and could hardly walk across the room. The pain was quite debilitating and I was starting to worry about my long-term health. After four months taking pain killers, I thought I needed to try something different. By sheer luck, I found that Sussex Spine Care has a clinic within 5 miles of my home and, conveniently, appointments are available until 8pm.

I booked a consultation and had my first treatment the same evening. Doug immediately filled me with confidence. He quickly formed a diagnosis and set out a plan of action for the next eight weeks. He told me that he would have me active again in 4 weeks and fully functioning in 8. He was so positive in what he said that I never doubted him. My trust was fully rewarded.

Doug has an easy manner and makes you feel very comfortable. The treatment is physical but never aggressive and I felt perfectly relaxed throughout. I actually looked forward to each session. This is not like going to the dentist!

The clinic I attended was at Borde Hill Gardens, just to the north of Haywards Heath. It is easy to find and there is lots of free parking. Each treatment only takes about 15 minutes and I was never in the waiting room for more than 5. My appointments were always in the evening so I didn’t have to take time off work.

I am now running and swimming regularly and starting to feel competitive again. At my age, I’m sure that I will have aches and pains again in the future. When I do, I will go straight back to Doug to get some help. I’m a great believer in our NHS but there are times when you need to see a specialist. It is money very well spent.

John Hubbard

Operations Manager  (and runner).

I'm convinced Doug is mirical worker, I've been to see him on two separate occasions, the first being when I had a MTB accident seriously hurting my neck I couldn't sleep I had all sorts of funny positions to try and not be in pain, it turned out that the accident had actually shown up an ongoing problem of bad posture from sitting in an office chair for years.. after one session with doug my life changed, I felt the affects immediately and after 6 sessions he had got me back to a point where I could work on building the muscles in my back to rehabilitate myself properly so it didn't come back.  The second time I saw doug was a year later when I magaged to twist my knee while skiing which resulted in a grade 3 rupture of my PCL Ligament and a few strained ligaments to go along with it. I had been through the NHS system and felt like it was getting me knowhere fast and like it wasn't being looked at properly, it was at that point I kicked myself as I knew I should of contacted Doug as soon as I did it. He helped me to trust and put my full weight on my leg again, due to the severity of the injury I couldn't (and at the time of writing this I still can't) get my leg fully extended straight without Surgery as my thigh and shin bone are miss aligning but Doug helped me to get my leg way straighter and flexible, and every time I left a session it felt like a soft pillow had been wrapped around my knee which was/is in constant pain, this pain has been diminished extensivey under Dougs care, when I first saw him I was on two crutches after three weeks I am on my own legs for most of the day :) The thing I appreciate the most however is you can tell he has a genuine love for helping people feel better, coupled with all the techniques he uses and his calm peaceful approach its worth every penny!

Thanks Doug, you da man

Chris Garvey

Music Producer

Chris garvey

Had pain in my back for the last 15 years due to falling of a horses. Doug has been the only one who has managed to sorted it out. Wouldn’t trust any one else and will be travelling from Lincolnshire to Sussex once a month for Doug to keep on top of my back. Highly recommend.

Danielle Harman

Professional Horse Rider/Trainer


After years of pain and anxiety surrounding a number of musculoskeletal issues (Tendonitis, neck and lower back pain, sciatica (piriformis syndrome), weak knees, shin splits) Doug guided me through a an intense short therm program of treatments, guidance and practices that have enable me to build strengh and confidence in my body again. I will always need a little chiropratic tlc here and there, but I honestly feel that seeing Doug was life changing and I encourage anyone who is dealing with any pain to seek advice from Doug- as his holistic approach is not only encouraging but tailored to your specific needs. Ps- his passion for what he does is infectious!

Victoria Shugaa Teacher


What a lovely professional team, very flexible with appointments and even when I have had to bring my baby and child along, extremely accommodating. Easy direct debit payments. Doug has improved my life dramatically, I can finally enjoy the things I used to do. The care received is gold star and I couldn’t recommend them more.

Sam Martin Veterinary nurse


I can’t recommend Doug enough . I’ve gone from hardly being able to move ,back to being able to do everything again . He’s also fixed my carpal tunnel which the doctor wanted to operate on . Such a friendly place and always so accommodating as I’m always missing my appointments or late . Thanks Doug

Nancy Conway Dog Groomer & Walker


In 2011 I developed plantar fasciitis in my right heel and over time the discomfort and pain made it impossible to continue running, which until that time had been my main form of exercise. Over the course of the next two years I visited two different physiotherapists, a podiatrist and an osteopath, none of which were really able to get to the root cause of the problem. When I went to see Doug at the Clinic his confidence impressed me; he said that even if he didn’t cure it, he would be able to reduce the symptoms and make the condition more bearable. Over the course of a very small number of treatments (I think about 6-8) the pain was eliminated and only some residual discomfort remained. Doug knew precisely where to treat me (lower back) and everything he said made sense to me. I now see him once a month for a maintenance check, I am back running again (15km run last weekend), and there is no longer any pain or discomfort. I can’t recommend him highly enough.

Piers Solicitor


Dear Doug

I am delighted to write this testimonial because I honestly believe you deserve all the praise in the world for the difference you have made to my life.

As you know, I have suffered from autoimmune disease for nearly 30 years and this has meant that my body attacks itself and, in my case, this has damaged my thyroid and triggered Rheumatoid Arthritis. I also have widespread osteo arthritis which has required several operations including a knee replacement. Over the past 30 years, I have felt myself slowing down, and the pain and stiffness gradually spread throughout my body to the point where there were days I could barely move or dress properly. Through all this I continued to work as I had bills to pay and children to raise and I needed to keep positive, especially as I received so little support from my GPs and the NHS in general. Mentally, emotionally and physically, I was a wreck and a far cry from the super fit athlete I’d been before my body broke down.

I was referred to a very pleasant orthopaedic surgeon who, over a 10 year period, carried out two foot operations, four arthroscopies and a right knee replacement. Sadly, the osteo arthritis persisted and no one could understand why I was always so tired, exhausted, suffering from ‘brain fog’ and constantly suffering from inflammation around all my joints and from my neck down my spine. When I was finally referred to a Rheumatologist, 7 years ago, it was the first time I had experienced any hope. Sadly, although I now take two quite powerful drugs for the RA which have enabled me to walk without the feeling of burning pebbles in the soles of my feet, they have several unpleasant side effects including mild liver damage and some hair loss so the positive aspects of these drugs have been reduced by the negative effects. On top of that, I really hate having to take so much medication and always worrying in case I forget any as the most powerful one, methotrexate, is only taken once a week. Over the past year, the only relief I experienced came from a monthly Swedish massage which at least helped to loosen my muscles and relax me mentally and physically.

My partner enjoyed several sessions with you during the past year and spoke highly of the benefits of your work but, I confess, I didn’t pay much attention. After all, autoimmune disease cannot be cured and everyone knows that RA just keeps on spreading through the body. I cannot get better, only worse and, if the drugs can’t help me, how can someone cracking away at my skeleton make any difference? Thank God, my partner was determined to steer me to you and he bought me my first three sessions to motivate me.

I had my first meeting with you in mid July 2015 and, following the assessment, I came away feeling quite positive because (1) you had recognised that my problems were long standing and quite complex (2) you explained in detail what you planned to do, including some acupuncture, which was unexpected, and (3) YOU were so positive that you could help me that I honestly believed that you might be able to do something to help me. Your love for your work and positive approach proved a bar better drug than all the paracetmols and ibuprofens in the local pharmacy!

To be even more precise, after my first session, during which you prodded and manipulated every painful rib and vertebrae and found every inflamed spot (and there were many!), I walked out afterwards with a spring in my step, a slight bounce in my knees and no sign of the physical and mental fog that had plagued me for several years! I was also carrying but not using my walking stick!

To say I was amazed and thrilled would be an understatement but you did stress I would probably hit plateaus at various times over the coming weeks so I shouldn’t get too excited. The reality is that I was extremely lucky. I had 13 intensive sessions over 7 weeks and never once hit a plateau. To date the mental and physical fog has never returned and, after each appointment, I felt some degree of improvement whether it was increased movement in a joint, pain relief/reduction or reduced stiffness. I can feel myself walking more erect and, as my physical condition improved, my mental and emotional wellbeing soared. I haven’t taken a serious painkiller since my treatment commenced and I want to keep it that way! One of the strangest ‘miracles’ you achieved was the elimination of my tennis elbow. I have been prone to tennis elbow for years and the pain in my right elbow had been spreading for several weeks. I mentioned this to you in passing and, within 5 minutes, you had done something to my neck, pulled and twisted the offending elbow and VOILA! The pain had completely disappeared!

I know that from time to time I will still experience the odd flare up of pain in a joint or foot because, as we both know, my osteo and rheumatoid arthritis cannot be cured (yet!) and flare ups are inevitable. So, I don’t expect to be completely free of all pain and stiffness. However, I have no desire to run a marathon and will be happy as long as I can stand for longer periods, walk in reasonable comfort and climb stairs without crawling up on all fours. I have already planned my maintenance sessions with you and these will include more acupuncture as I found this particularly helpful in reducing the intense inflammation in the soft tissue around my knees.

What more can I say? You have given me a new lease of life, both physically and mentally. I live on a farm and have been able to do more work in my vegetable patch as well as helping feed the pigs without every muscle and joint screaming at me. I am walking further and my twice weekly shopping trips which include arguments with bad tempered trollies are no longer a painful struggle. The only time I have used my walking stick since July, has been when I visited my massage lady as I have to climb two steep flights of stairs to reach her and the stick gives support. Ultimately, I hope that even those stairs will be easily accessible to me. The only other thing I could hope for is a complete cure but, I’ll be kind and give you a few more months to work out how to do that!

I’ll finish by saying once again, T

HANK YOU from the bottom of my heart for achieving in a few weeks what my various doctors have failed to achieve over far too many years. You have given me hope for a much brighter future and I couldn’t ask for more. I now hope this letter encourages other ‘disbelievers’ to give your services a try and maybe we should raise a petition to get the NHS to start referring patients!

Kindest regards
Marilyn van Buren.

Marilyn Van Buren


I have been using Doug for chiropractic work for the last year. He has expert knowledge and as well as treating you, you get the bonus of nutritional advice as well. If you have any pain, don’t suffer, I strongly urge you to go and see Doug. He has helped me considerably. Thank you Doug.

Theresa Marks H.R. Concultant


Re: Doug Windsor Chiropractor Testimonial

I write to share my thanks and appreciation for your efforts in transforming my condition and giving me back an almost pain free existence with more mobility than I could ever have wished for. After years of high level sport my body has taken a hammering and frankly apart from a full body replacement I did not think anything would be possible.

When I first came to see you in December 2013 it was as a last resort. I was hugely sceptical about your ‘voodoo’ and how chiropractic could help me. I have had my fair share of surgical procedures (including 2 significant bone resections), years of visits to physiotherapists, and being fitted with orthotics to support my posture and hip position. My range of movement in both hips was debilitating, impacting on my ability to walk properly. Furthermore, I was experiencing considerable issues with my back, shoulders, neck and elbow. Sleeping was a challenge, and only really possible with the aid of ibuprofen tablets, numbing the pain for a sufficient time to allow me to get to sleep.

I was really clear with you on my first visit that I did not think you could help, but I was willing to give it a go, as I had tried pretty much everything else, and was desperate! The treatment pathway has not been easy, on either of us -I am very grateful for your enthusiasm, belief and expertise. I am delighted I too had the ‘belieF to trust you and enable our journey together (more my wife pushing me through your doors than me believing!).

You have worked on me intensively since December and slowly at first, my body has begun to respond to the ‘voodoo’ with increasing results. My neck is feeling great. My long standing elbow pain has disappeared and for the first time in 10 years I can actually do push-ups as both my shoulder and elbow stability have improved. The real plus though has been the change in my hip flexibility, mobility and movement. I am no longer walking with a limp. I am walking with a nice stride and can comfortably navigate stairs and escalators. This change has come with an unexpected ‘side-effect’. I no longer feel the need to take pain-killers and have stopped taking any form of
medication since January 2014. Since 2007 I have taken 2 ibuprofen every night before bed to help sleep. Being free of pain, after so many years of being in constant pain, has been a revelation.

I never thought for a single moment at the beginning of the treatment I would see so much progress. Just one or two of the benefits would have been remarkable. But I am more than delighted with the transformation you have worked on me. I am now a believer! The initial desperation of visiting you at your clinic has turned in to a life changing experience, for which I am truly grateful.

Thank you so much very much. I look forward to your continued help and support with my condition.

Yours sincerely,
Jeremy Fry

Jeremy Fry Former International Hockey Player & CEO


I have been seeing Doug for about a year now and what a difference he has made!! I'm a roofer by trade and have been suffering with my lower back for a few years, since having treatment from Doug I feel so much better and mobile again. I know if my back starts playing up prior to my monthly treatment he is only a call away and will fit me in asap!! Great customer service and amazing treatment. Thank you.

Craig Burdock Roofer and Retained Fireman

Doug provides a thoughtful and incredibly effective service, which has significantly reduced the back pain I've had for ten years to almost nil. Cannot recommend him enough!

Ali Williams Researcher

Ali Williams

Doug has amazing understanding of individual needs & his passion to improve lifestyles is so genuine. Doug has sorted out my TMJ which has helped with my BPPV enormously. Love the new clinic at Borde Hill with Doug's lovely wife Priscilla to welcome you. Thoroughly recommend!

Anne Carter Motor Industry

If I could give Doug 10 stars I would. I sustained an ankle injury 7 years ago whilst in the forces and after having a few operations I was told that the small range of movement I had was all I would get. Doug was recommended to me by one of my crossfit coaches and it has been the best decision I ever made. After 6 weeks of treatments I have gained a substantial amount of movement back which means now I have great posture, my training has improved as well as the enjoyment factor and most of all I feel confident in my ankle when it comes to doing anything.

Doug is extremely professional and truly incredible at what he does. I can’t recommend him enough. Thank you Doug

Laura Parr Crossfit & Police service

After years of pain and anxiety surrounding a number of musculoskeletal issues (Tendonitis, neck and lower back pain, sciatica (piriformis syndrome), weak knees, shin splints) Doug guided me through a an intense short term program of treatments, guidance and practices that have enabled me to build strength and confidence in my body again. I will always need a little chiropractic tlc here and there, but I honestly feel that seeing Doug was life changing and I encourage anyone who is dealing with any pain to seek advice from Doug- as his holistic approach is not only encouraging but tailored to your specific needs. Ps-his passion for what he does is infectious!

Victoria Eskandari Teacher

I could not recommend Doug more highly. I have had intermittent back pain for years and after 8 sessions at Sussex Spine Care I genuinely feel brand new and totally assured that things will stay this way. It is also worth stating that going to sessions was a genuinely enjoyable experience, which is not something I was expecting to find. Thank you Doug and Priscila!

Ellena Ingles

Doug is just fantastic. We have been seeing him for a number of years. Outstanding at what he does and a lovely guy. Also we always have fun with the kids. My 10 year old and 6 year old love going and it really helps them stay fully heathy and strong.

James Rennie IT Marketing

Doug and Priscilla at sussex spine care were nothing but brilliant from the moment I phoned there number I was dealt with so professionally and the whole team are so friendly! I went to them with some serious discomfort from which turned out to be a dislocated rib and from my first session my pain was relieved dramatically. From day one Doug gave me a consultation and Informed me very clearly on the best and worse case length of treatment for my injury and working together to get me fixed we achieved this within a good length of time. My injury came a week before Christmas and Doug and his team fitted me in at both his clinics to get me as comfortable and mobile as possible over the Christmas period which was so good of them! I can not recommend them highly enough! I am a carpenter and if I'm not working I'm not earning they kept me on my feet and kept me earning. Do not hesitate to ring these guys and book yourself in if u need there services they will do there best and more to help you.

James Villiers Carpenter

When the best physiotherapy had to offer was telling me to 'work out how I was going to manage living with chronic pain', Doug gave me hope. A comprehensive assessment, linking together all my symptoms and musculoskeletal dysfunction, enabled a more realistic approach. Careful adjustments, myofascial release, acupuncture, and prescribed exercise was part of a treatment plan which has certainly improved my pain and mobility.

Julie Yates Nurse

I was unable to bend my back properly or move my neck from side to side. Had to leave work early the night before treatment due to intense pain, and woke up feeling terrible. I called up first thing in the morning and got an appointment for the afternoon... the best decision I ever made for my back. Had a very informative consultation and everything was explained fully in a way I understood. I received a realignment and some acupuncture and by the end I was able to move with much more ease!! I was back at work the same day! Very good rates, Doug is a lovey guy, and so worth every penny in his services. Highly recommend

Lee Fougler Catering

Suffered from Shoulder injury for several months affecting my ability to lift weights and play Rugby. Doug was very clear with his treatment plan for my overall body posture and my shoulder. Each session improved my overall and my shoulder function and after several sessions, a head of plan, my shoulder was fully functioning. Highly recommend.

Paul Hasib Rugby Player

Having suffered with migraines and headaches for over 45 years I was delighted to find Doug. Not only is he easily the most caring and well intended chiropractor I have ever met, he managed to successfully improve my head pains to a level I have never before received. Thanks Doug, I can't recommend you enough!

Simon Goddard CEO & Racing Driver

After suffering from lower back pain for over 2 years I was so lucky to have Doug recommended to me by a friend. Doug is not only a highly skilled chiropractor and acupuncture specialist, but he is also really personable with a an extremely positive and happy attitude.
I immediately respected and understood all that he was telling me about my route problem and was more than happy to jump straight into a course of treatment. Doug has changed my life for the better and I can't believe that for so long I had been struggling with every day tasks because now I have a new lease of life!
I have now finished my initial course of 12 sessions and have been given a carefully constructed after plan to maintain all the hard work that has been achieved. I will however continue to see Doug as I feel that what he offers is so important to my future well being.
I cannot recommend this amazing man enough so please go and see him you won't regret it.
Doug thank you so much x

Melissa Heke Recruitment 

I was referred to Doug Windsor as my back was so bad that I had to take time off work as I was in so much pain. I went to see Doug and I would have paid anything to be pain free. Doug said he would have me pain free in 2-3 sessions and up and literally running (as I am a keen runner) in 6 sessions so a total of two weeks. I had my doubts that this would be the case but he kept to his word and in fact I only needed 5 sessions. I now go for regular tunes up and he has helped me tremendously. Fro anyone who has never tried a chiropractor or has any doubts then I would really enthuse that you at least try it once to see/feel the benefits. It certainly has been a game changer for me and I cannot recommend Doug highly enough. Many thanks Doug for all your help and treatments. A very grateful and happy pain free Marc.

Marc Bonaldi IT

I went to see Doug on a friend's recommendation after trying other treatment without success for pain in my lower left back. I wasn't sure how much Doug would be able to do for me, but after some perseverance on his part he got to the bottom of the problem which was with a joint in my pelvis. Now to my amazement I am almost pain free with a couple of treatments left to go. He also significantly improved a long-standing shoulder issue I had learnt to live with. I would highly recommend Doug, as not only is he a very skilled chiropractor, and a very personable one, he also guided me through exercises to help me maintain the improvement. I play tennis and he has shown me some useful warm up exercises. Thank you Doug. I shall be continuing with the occasional maintenance treatment as so worthwhile to maintain an active lifestyle.

Carolyn Bentley Retired 

After 5 years of constant back pain and trying various solutions, osteopaths, chiropractors, physios I’m so glad and delighted to have found Doug and team. Friendly, professionally and more importantly I feel so much better… a new person… thank you so much guys. Highly recommended.

Steve Monteiro IT management 

I have been using chiropractic care for nearly 10yrs and I would recommend it to anyone who cares for their health. Doug is amazing at his craft, he can locate and resolve any troubles I've had and has taught me a lot about how incredible my body is! Friendly, funny and kind, you won't regret visiting 😊

Sam Hitchence Paramedic

I have had great benefit from visiting Doug, highly recommend him and such a nice guy too

Bernard Felix Plasterer 

The treatment and care I've received from Doug is amazing. I came to him with quite severe pain which he swiftly diagnosed and set about correcting. From the first session I started to feel better and within a few additional visits felt better and more mobile than ever. I would whole heartedly recommend.

Graham Richardson IT

Doug has been wonderful throughout my treatment. It’s obvious from the moment you meet him that he is passionate about his job and cares greatly about each of his patients. As a busy teacher, I just continued with my back pain and daily headaches. I would quickly take some pain pills and get back to work assuming all along it would “sort it self out” or “it was just because I was tired”!! I finally decided to see Doug about my back when one day I cleared out my bag and noticed how many empty packets of pain killers I had! For someone who has always tried to avoid taking conventional tablets, seeing all these empty packets shocked me. Doug took the time to get to know “my story” and was confident that he could help me. Just 6 weeks later and I am feeling so much better. The daily headaches I was experiencing are much better, I feel stronger, more flexible and my sense of well-being is much better. Doug you have been fantastic. Thank you so much for your care.

Lauraine Wynne School Teacher

In my last pregnancy I suffered with terrible pelvic pain from late 2nd trimester, so this time round I went to see Doug preemptively. He straightened me out (whilst regaling me with fascinating and endlessly entertaining stories of his life pre chiro) and so far, midway through 3rd trimester, I’m still pain free. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend. Cheers guys 

Deborah Villiers Marketing

Thanks to Doug my shoulder and back problems have been resolved and the exercises and advice given are helping me to keep everything working well after treatment. I would 100% recommend to anyone!

Amelia Stenning PA

This is the best pain relief you can buy,Doug really knows his stuff,I was a sceptic but was badgered by my son,sister and brother-in-law who all have been treated by Doug to give it a try. Best move I ever made. Keep up the good work. All the best.

Brian Sampson Painter & Decorator 

This practice is extremely well run. Appointments are offered quickly and Doug the chiropractor is very professional . Thanks to him my pain issues are resolved and I am back doing the activities I enjoy.

Fiona Appleyard-Dyer Fulltime Mum 

Amazing Dr Doug highly recommend him as he has healing hands was able to walk upright after treatment

Terry Berzon

  • "Had pain in my back for the last 15 years due to falling of a horses. Doug has been the only one who has managed to sorted it out. Wouldn’t trust any one else and will be travelling from Lincolnshire to Sussex once a month for Doug to keep on top of my back. Highly recommend."
    Danielle Harman, Professional Horse Rider/Trainer
  • "As a court reporter, using my hands to type on a daily basis is a requirement. The work is speedy and can often last for hours at a time. Several months ago, every movement I made became excruciatingly painful. I started seeing Windsor and got started on a program that helped right away. The doctor stressed the importance of my posture and proper hand and arm placement."
    Carpal Tunnel
  • "I have benefited tremendously from the chiropractic care I received from Windsor. Not only has the adjustments helped alleviate my stiffness and aches, but it has helped me have more energy and just feel more balanced over all. A few months ago, I was able to resume a favorite hobby of mine - golf. Due to my previous pain, I never thought that’d be possible."
    Back Pain
  • " Windsor has allowed me to be headache free for quite some time now. I used to have daily nagging headaches that often would turn into a migraine leaving me unable to function. For the longest time, I thought I could just keep taking medication to have the pain subside."
  • "It's been 7 months since I got wiped out by a monster wave. I sought treatment at the hospital and they took x-rays and said everything seemed normal, that I would just have some pain for a few days. A few days actually turned into several weeks, so at the suggestion of my girlfriend, I went to see Windsor and was feeling better in no time!"
    Sports Injury


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